LAR Talent Agency

LAR Talent Agency is a Spotlight Registered boutique agency, representing children and young performers for professional work in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Television, Radio and Commercials. LAR Talent was formed because a number of our students were auditioning successfully for West End shows and we want to continue to support and encourage this.

Louisa Alice-Rose 

Louisa is Principal of LAR Performing Arts and is the Talent Coordinator of LAR Talent Agency. 


Louisa has been performing from the age of 6 and made her West End debut at just 8 years old in Les Miserables at The Palace Theatre. This means she understands the industry from a child's perspective and knows exactly how it feels to be in the audition room. 

Louisa has been submitting LAR students for West End and UK Tour Auditions since LAR formed, and thoroughly enjoys this aspect of the industry. As students have begun to grow in their success, Louisa felt the time was right to form the LAR Talent Agency. 

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If your child is interested in joining the agency, please email

If your child does not attend classes at LAR Performing Arts, please include a video of a poem or monologue and a song (if interested in musical theatre work). 


Do we accept everyone who applies?

No. We want to keep our agency small and so we are unable to take on every child who applies.

Are there any initial fees?

No. It costs nothing to join the agency. We ask all children to join Spotlight as Young Performers and there is an upfront cost for this. If your child wishes to be submitted for TV, Commercials and Film, they will need to be a member of Spotlight. If you do not wish to join Spotlight, we can still submit your child for Musical Theatre castings. 

Is my child guaranteed work?

No. We will do our best to secure auditions for your child, but we cannot guarantee that your child will be cast.


We take 15% commission on any work we get you (20% for commercials).