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LAMDA Success! 100% Pass Rate

Huge congratulations to our pupils at LAR Tring, LAR Welwyn and LAR Brixton for outstanding LAMDA Results!

The exams ranged from Introductory Stage One (children aged 5-6 perform a poem) to Grade 6 Bronze Medal Verse & Prose. Our exams took place over 3 days with 3 different examiners. All our students took individual exams - performing either solo poems, monologues or songs. Congratulations to Elias who achieved our Highest mark of 94%.

We had entries for the following syllabuses:

Musical Theatre


Verse & Prose

Introductory Level

I am thrilled to say that we maintained our 100% pass rate with 17 Distinctions, 17 Merits and 2 Passes. All students taking Grade 4 or above (including Bronze Medal) achieved Distinction. All students taking Grades 1 - 6 achieved Merit or Distinction. All our boys achieved Distinctions!

LAR Tring - High mark of 89% - Congratulations to Edward Larner.

12 Distinctions

8 Merits

1 Pass

From Introductory Stage One to Bronze Medal. All students taking Grades 1-6 achieved Merit or Distinction. All those taking Grade 4 or above achieved Distinction. All Verse & Prose Exams achieved Distinction.

LAR Welwyn - High mark of 88% - Congratulations to Rosie Lawther-Pratt.

3 Distinctions

7 Merits

From Introductory Stage One to Musical Theatre Grade 3. All students taking Grades 1-3 achieved Distinction.

LAR Brixton - High mark of 94% - Congratulations to Elias Collard.

2 Distinctions

2 Merits

1 Pass

From Introductory Stage One to Introductory Stage 3.

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