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Joseph at Tring Court Theatre

Congratulations to the following students who were involved with Joseph at Tring Youth Theatre in July/August 2019:

Pip Burchmore - Joseph

Edward Larner - Pharoah

Theodore Loades - Judah

Thomas Walters - Isaachar

Freya Jones - Mrs Potiphar

Leah Rutherford - Narrator

Anna Ashfield - Narrator

Lottie Burchmore - Narrator

Leah Rutherford - Narrator

Libby Matthews - Choir

Summa Neighbour - Choir

It was a great production - directed by Matt Loades and choreographed by Lisa Loades (Take One Agency). I was delighted to be on board as vocal coach (Louisa Alice-Rose).

Watch this space for future projects with Matt & Lisa...

Production photos by Adam Hollier

We also went on a trip to see Joseph at The London Palladium.

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