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Chesham Arts Festival - Music (Vocal)

Saturday 15th February 2020

  • WINNER - Theodore Loades with Honours - Song From The Shows 14 Years And Under

  • WINNER - Alinah Dagpin - Vocal Solo 9 Years And Under (Classical)

  • WINNER - Imogen Davis with Distinction - Popular Song Ages 12 And Under

  • SECOND PLACE - Rosie Lawther-Pratt with Distinction - Songs From The Shows 12 Years And Under

  • SECOND PLACE - Imogen Davis with Honours - Songs From The Shows 10 Years and Under

  • SECOND PLACE (joint) - Abbie Lawther-Pratt & Imogen Davis - Vocal Solo 9 years And Under (Classical)

  • THIRD PLACE - Alinah Dagpin with Distinction - Song From The Shows 10 Years And Under

  • DISTINCTION - Tom Walters - Popular Song Ages 13 to 18

  • DISTINCTION - Anna Ashfield - Song From The Shows 14 And Under

  • DISTINCTION - Rosie Lawther-Pratt - Popular Song Ages 12 And Under

  • COMMENDED - Leah Rutherford - Song From The Shows 17 And Under

  • COMMENDED - Abbie Lawther-Pratt - Song From The Shows 10 Years And Under

A huge well done to everyone for some outstanding performances!

Congratulations to Theodore Loades who has been invited to perform at the Winners Concert as one of the highest scoring singers at the Festival.

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