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Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel our regular classes. During this time, the LAR Team have been working hard to provide some online resources for our lovely LAR Kids.


Our online package will be £4 a week (per family) and includes:

  1. Street Dance 

  2. Contemporary / Jazz Dance

  3. Drama Activity 

  4. Singing / Musical Activity


If you would like a Skype / Zoom 1-2-1 singing or drama lesson please email or click here. Skype 1-2-1's are £10 for 30 minutes.

Sending love and best wishes during this difficult time. Thank you so much for your support


Louisa xx 

New resources will be available every Monday morning. 

Please pay via Paypal or bank transfer. I will then email you the password and link.

Weekly payment of £4 per family 

LAR Performing Arts

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Account number: 33744485

Newcomers please sign up below before making payment:

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LAR Performing Arts - Online Safeguarding Policy


For our online package:

1. Please respect our teachers and don't share links to any videos or post content anywhere online. 

2. Please be aware that we are using LAR's YouTube Account and YouTube may suggest other videos at the end of our videos. We ask that a parent or guardian remains close by and in earshot whilst children use our online resources. 


For Skype lessons:


  1. A parent / family member needs to check in with the teacher at the beginning and end of each session and remain close by during the lesson.

  2. Children must wear appropriate clothing as if they were attending a face to face lesson

  3. Any computers used should be in appropriate areas - preferably in family spaces where family members / parents are present and where possible should be against a neutral background 

  4. The live lesson will be recorded and saved by LAR Performing Arts with a secure password.

  5. Please don’t record the lesson for use on social media. Singing / Drama Lessons are safe spaces where children are able to express themselves, make mistakes and learn. 


Your payment for the online resources or Skype lesson acts as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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